Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Snakes: The slippery shits of the animal kingdom

This blog is all about snakes. Snakes are rubbish. There I said it, and I meant every little bit of it. They are glorified belts that think they are clever because they can poison you or crush your skull or whatever it is that snakes do with their spare time. But seriously, snakes are pretty crap... Slithery, scaley little fuckers that are the closest thing the animal kingdom has to a flacid penis like animal, that actually are greedy enough to eat other animals such as hippos, crocodiles and other snakes. When I asked my brother what he thought about snakes he retorted:

Snakes? They are wank. They just sit their coiled up all day doing fuck all. - Rario Hewitt

The only saving grace these little shits have is their name. Their name is pretty good - it sounds a bit like snack and the best game ever Snakes* (and by extension motor-way snakes**, both of which are better than the game birds***)

Thats it for tonight, would have probably gone better if bottom wasn't on TV...

* A game where you wear a hooded sweat shirt, pull the hood over your head but leave your ears poking out thus creating a snake like appearance. See Above Pic.

** Playing Snakes, But on the side of the motor-way when your car brakes down because you put far too much oil in the engine and your waiting with fil because he is an RAC member and I'm not.

*** Birds is a game that involves 2 players, P1 is the mother bird and P2 is the baby bird. The game consists of the mother bird chewing, swallowing and regurgitating the food ready to feed to the baby bird, via force if necessary. According to the games creator, Rario says it is awesome... I did not agree.

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