Friday, 15 August 2008

Money talks... just not for long enough.

Money... the root of all evil*

Me personally I think money is awesome. It means I can buy stuff I don't need, worry about not having enough of it to live a decent life and basically there will come a day where I am going to be signing my life away to get more of it. It also means I have to get up every day and go to a job I am not too fond of to earn enough to get me through the next week and to have the luxury of eating and having somewhere to sleep.

Incase you hadn't worked it out, that previous paragraph was riddled with bitterness and sarcasm.** I have a love/hate relationship with money. I love having money and when I do have moeny, I am RECKLESS. I am the kind of person who will get £10 and within seconds I will have £0 and not have anything to show for it. I will have probably had a good time doing so. I love spending money on all the random crap that I don't need but then when I don't have money I hate the fact that I have to go and earn more. There is no worse feeling than being broke, I actually would rather have toothache than an empty wallet. My life will be complete when I manage to be in a position where I either; get a good job and earn more than £15,000 a year; inherite a lump sum or; con the government into giving me money***

The thing that winds me up most about money is that everyone I know always seems to have more of it than I do, I dunno why...Infact, I do know why; its because I am the anti-jew when it comes to finance or maybe the world hates me - either way, it sucks.

* Apparently, I would have thought evil was the root of all evil, but what do I know?

** What did you expect... I'm english, this is what we do - well that and invent sports and learn to be rubbish at them.

*** Probably not going to happen, I am neither foreign; a pregnant teenager or a moron with an IQ of 12. Therefor I am just white and middle class enough to be given the finger when it comes to benifits.