Tuesday, 7 October 2008

It is official. Women and Guitars aren't funny

This month I have re-discovered my love of stand up comedy. I can't quite remember when I lost it, but I am proper glad that I have it back. Some things I realized are that Ben Bailey's timing is outstanding, Aussie's love stereotypes and The more common and working class they are... the better. One thing I did realize is that whilst most comedians are funny there are 2 kind who definitively aren't; Women* and Guitar wielders**.

Women comedians are terrible. Actually that is a very sexist generalization, what I mean to say is all female comedians who aren't Sarah Silverman. They are all the same, they all have the same jokes and they all have one fatal flaw; they just aren't funny. The menstrual cycle just isn't that amusing*** I don't care about how women feel about things and I am yet to find a female stand up who is any good.

Guitar wielding comics are generally a bad sign too. No one cares about your whitty quips fit to a jaunty tune. I don't care if you did manage to fit the word clitoris into a song. If I wanted to listen to music, I would listen to a Fucking CD or go to a gig. Why on earth do these people exist. It can actually get worse that a strumming comic and that is 2  guitar loving comics, especially if they try and get clever and do harmonies and such. You may as well change the channel right now.

In light of this discovery, I feel somebody should give the booking agent of the world stand's up a quick nudge as he is obviously under the impression that I am wrong.

* Yes it is sexist. Get over it.
** This obviously excludes Bill Bailey, he is fantastic.
***Of course it is funny, just not when women talk about it.