Thursday, 22 January 2009

Band... Not Brand.

I could be really cliché here and whine about the fact the music scene is no longer full of NOFX style bands and is now overflowing with 1000's of x-core bands and how much that fucking sucks. - OR – I could spend the article pissing and moaning about how shit it is being in a band and trying to get self centered people to come and see you play even though you don't have fringes... but I won't, because I have noticed something in alternative culture that pisses me off even more. 

Since when have logos belonging to some of the greatest punk bands of all time become a marketing tool for fashion companies? 

Once upon a time, I remember walking round in my fiend skull shirt and having no problem with that until every kid into the scene walked around in a pair of girls jeans, eyeliner and a tight misfits shirt. Now I wouldn't be caught dead in my misfits shirt anymore, I still Love the misfits I just hate what their fiend skull has become associated with. Part of me thinks I should just forget about it and do what I want, wear what I want and fuck everyone else. But the other half is so pissed off with how this band has been transformed into a brand that I should make a stand and not join in as a form of protest. 

I put money on it at least 40% of those people were wearing that shirt as a fashion statement. “oh look at me, aren't I so cool, I have this gnarly t-shirt with this cool skull on... I'm so scene it hurts!” It's just like some CHAV showing all his mates his new pair of Reebok Classics. Well to those guys I have this to say – Go and fuck yourself. STOP WEARING T-SHIRTS OF BANDS YOU DON'T LIKE JUST TO LOOK COOL, just cos you listed them on your myspace as one of your top 50,000 bands (just to earn so scene points) doesn't mean you should go on and spend all your money on kids size t-shirts. Its a band NOT a Brand you retards. Go Support bands you actually like and wear their shirts stop ruining it for everyone else you selfish bastards. But this is just my minor quibble with this situation. 

I'm more annoyed at the fact that now high-street clothes shops now stock skinny fit t-shirts sporting the Ramones logo. Now, the people that frequent these hell holes will have no fucking clue who the Ramones actually were and probably will have no idea that the logo they are about to buy belongs to a band at all. If I was in the Ramones I would be fucking spinning in my grave (or spinning in circles if I hadn't checked into the worm hotel yet) at the fact that my legacy has been turned into a low budget fashion statement for the city girl. FUCK THAT! 

A mate of mine told me a story about such a scenario. His mum is clued in to what bands he kinda likes and knows a bit about them. She goes to work one day and one of her co-workers shows up wearing her brand new Ramones tee. His mum says “My son likes them” The co-worker looks back puzzled “likes what?” “The Ramones” His mum replied. Puzzled again the co-worker replied “The Who?” and his mum once again says “The t-shirt your wearing is a Ramones T-shirt, They were a punk band back in the day, my son is a fan of them” The co-worker thinks for a sec and then says “is it, I just liked the picture on the front, you learn something new everyday” then she wandered off into the wilderness of the office. Nice to see that fashion companies have pissed all over everything that the Ramones ever did. FUCK YOU!